Time is running out, for us and our children.
We’re clearly reaching a dead end in finding a viable political solution that will allow us to take control of our future .
So let’s refrain from confronting politics and politicians and focus on what will help us to survive .
Let’s focus on Economy. FEDERATIVE ECONOMY.
Federative Economy is the only common language all Lebanese can agree upon.
“A Bet for a National Conscience” is all about that.
It shows you how Federative Economy can achieve what politics are unable to:
Easy? Not so.
It will take Passion, Action, Resistance and Integrity to turn economy into an unshakable foundation for our collective consciences. Read this book. It will inspire you because Lebanon can become a model of conviviality and prosperity for all its people, without slogans, without violence, without power struggles and without destructive politics.
The original version of this book is in French, but volunteers joined forces with the author to adapt it into English and Arabic because they believe in this calling. The whole e-book unfolds on the site.